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About Us

The Open Powder Project is a non-profit organization that believes in a future for skiing that accommodates and encourages:

  • Safe access to ski areas where we can freely explore mother nature with the same safety assurances we rely on at traditional ski areas.

  • Equitable access to ski areas where cost of access is kept under $10/person/day and inclusivity is celebrated.

  • Sustainable access to ski areas in which people can recreate with minimal marginal environmental impact as the sport we love continues to grow.

Our team at the Open Powder Project is working to build this future by creating a non-profit backcountry ski area, with the avalanche control measures of a traditional ski resort, in each major US mountain range.

Each Open Powder Project ski area will:

  • Live within an area of National Forest land carefully chosen in order to maximize snow quality and terrain, while minimizing marginal environmental impact.

  • Operate from December - March.

    • Existing land use will resume each year on April 1 for no-charge access to spring skiing and other warm weather activities.

  • Prioritize minimal land improvement and the preservation of a true wilderness feel.

    • No permanent structures will be installed.

    • Minimal signage will be installed and used only to indicate avalanche control boundaries.

    • Existing warm weather trailheads will be utilized for parking.

      • Parking at each ski area will be limited. Additional access will be provided via frequent shuttle rides to and from other nearby parking lots.

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